Happy Monday to ya....

Good Morning, friends!
It's a beautiful day in my neck of the woods and I plan on enjoying it to the fullest!
Despite that fact that it's a Monday and Mondays have always had a bad reputation.
What did Mondays ever do to anyone to do deserve so much hatred?
That's what I want to know.
Among a million other things.

Which is why I'm off to school today. What better place to learn a million other things than in an education centered environment; where the walls are lined with books, the boards are scribbled with formulas, and the tables are full of eager-to-learn students.
Well at least one eager-to-learn student because I'll be there.
As a matter of fact, I am so excited to attend class today that I think I'll sharpen one of my really good pencils for note taking.

A pink one.
Pink makes the world go around.

That's enough of my cheer and goodwill.
I hate to lose too many readers this early on a Monday morning.

Have a good day, lovelies; I'll be back tomorrow and I'll try to be in a somewhat grumpier mood.

Your friend.....



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