It's Awkward...

It's Awkward.
It's Awesome.
And it's back. At least for today.
However, I'm making no guarantees for next Thursday because that would involve commitment and I try to shy away from that sort of thing as much as possible.

But today I'm in the mood for some Awkward & Awesome so that is what I'm serving up....

Per the usual plan, lets' start with a few AWESOME things that are going on in my life right now....

  • Spending the day at the waterpark with Don and the two younger of my offspring.
  • Finding out that the waterpark sells "pickle pops." YES! Frozen pickle juice in a cup??  Abso-bloody-lutely.
  • Cooler weather
  • Early morning walks
  • Tomato soup from Panera and a mom who brings it over special delivery
  • A son that gets engaged to a beautiful girl with a heart for God
  • Soft tacos
  • Triple Berry Cobbler
  • The Harry Potter books
  • Coffee....and
  • Clean kitchen windows
This is the son and his beautiful fiancee.

These are the clean kitchen windows.

That should about do it for Awesome this week.
Let's take a look at Awkward, shall we?

  • Riding the water roller coaster with your kids only to end up being the only one who almost drowns in a foot and a half of water
  • Deciding to float the waterparks Lazy River by sliding the circle-tube-floaty-thingy over my head and around my waist....I knew immediately that I had done a very bad thing and died a thousand deaths when it took more than one strong armed person to remove me from the tube. 
  • Texting people while on pain medicine. This is never a good thing.
  • Burning the most simple dinner on earth
  • Deciding to clean the outside window and using the doghouse as a step ladder. Getting stuck on the doghouse and having to holler for help. In my nightgown. yes it happened.
  • Thinking there is a spider in my daughter's hair and frantically trying to rip it out, and her hair with it, until it turns out to be a bobby pin. Yeah...sorry, kid.

This is the awesome daughter that puts up with all of my awkwardness.
The one with the bobby pin.

And that's about it for Awkward. At least all that I'm willing to admit to at the moment.
I'm feeling shy today.

Please have an amazing Thursday and a fabulous rest of the week!
I need to live vicariously through you.


Too much?
I tend to get carried away.


Pamela said…
Christa, you are fantastic. This blog entry had me rollin'. I love it!
Thanks so much for your super awesome comments on my blog!! No need to apologize, I love hearing from new bloggy friends, and especially disney lovers like myself! ;) Glad to *meet* you too!
Anonymous said…
Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahh I seriously laugh so much reading your blogs!!!!!!!! Hahahah anytime Im having a bad day I officially know where to go! Hahahahaha I love you!!!

Tessica :D

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