My Favorite Friend...

This is my favorite girl in the whole entire world.
This girl right here.

Recognize her?
She's mine. Gave birth to her about thirteen years ago and been crazy about her ever since.
And she's kinda extra special because, as I tell her, she saved my life.
Not only did she bring a whole lotta pink into our testosterone-filled home, but she also let the doctor's know I had a heart condition. And she did all this while she was just a baby.
I'm telling ya, this kid is smart.
More on the heart condition later. I've been thinking that I'll write about it. Soon.

Back to the point of the post.
This girl.

In exactly four days we will celebrate her thirteenth birthday.
So in exactly four days I will no longer have babies in this house.
Only teenagers.
Three of them.
Three because the oldest is already an adult.
An adult that has found the love of his life and has decided to get married.
But that is yet another post for another day. Soon.

I'm not sure when this happened. I'm pretty certain that I have been here for most of it.
But somehow I feel like I missed something.
They grew up.
Even after promising that they would be momma's babies forever.
I make them promise this as soon as they are old enough to form sentences, but so far it hasn't mattered because apparently they don't think much of keeping their word.

And, yes, that head popping out behind the tree belongs to my goofball husband.

Back to the girl.
The bright shining pink light in our home.
She really is adorable and has such a sweet personality.
Except when she doesn't. But we're chalking that up to hormones and taking it a day at a time.
And I've joined a support group.
Another post. Another time. Soon.

Honestly though, I am so very much enjoying watching her grow and discover who she is.
Even though I could tell her who she is.
She is a delight.
Her logical way of approaching life astounds me while the creative lens through which she sees things amazes me.
She generally thinks before she speaks and forgives before it is asked of her.
She can draw like nobody's business.
And her constant singing brightens up every room she is in. And sometimes a couple rooms over.
Her smile is stunning. Her laugh contagious. And her sense of humor adorable.
And her hugs.
Few things are better than her hugs.

But I think my favorite thing about her is that she likes herself.
She doesn't seem to feel the need to be anyone else.
Which is a good thing since all the other identities are taken already.
Something most of us should consider.
It is the ease with which she is who she is that makes her so comfortable to be around.
You never get the sense that she is striving to be something or someone else.
You never feel that you have to confirm her identity to her.
She is aware of her identity, and happy with it.

This beautiful thing about my girl has an astounding affect on others.
It allows them to be who they are and like who they are.

And that is a gift.
It is a beautiful thing.
Just like her.


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