If you know me, you know that I am a Christian.
At least I hope you do.
God is my Savior, Redeemer, and best friend forever and it has been this way for about 15 years now.

The relationship has had its ups and downs.
In other words, sometimes I'm up. Sometimes I'm down.
He stays the same. Yesterday. Today. Forever.

But, that's not exactly what today's post is about.
Today I wanted to show you something I found. This particular something rocked my face off. You think I'm kidding.
I'm faceless.
Sorry no picture.

At any rate, I was reading Matthew chapter 25 because it is the chapter before 26 which I read the other day because I have been reading the book of Matthew backwards.
I know this makes sense to you.
Here is my girl and I and how we look when we are confused.
We know how you feel.

As I was saying, in Matthew chapter 25, Jesus tells a bedtime story about these three employees who work for a really major important boss-man. Each of the employees has been given a certain amount of resources to put to good use. Some more than others, some less....but that really isn't the point.
The point is that each one is set up to do their job.
Now, this is the cool part.....
They are not only set up, they are set up well.
The Bible refers to these resources as talents and...get this...each talent was worth six THOUSAND days worth of pay.
Yep. Six-freakin-thousand.
So basically, whether you had one talent, two talents, or five talents...
either way, you weren't struggling along. You had what you needed to get the job done.

Ok, so the boss-man goes on a trip and when he returns he calls each of the employees in for an evaluation. Turns out the one with five talents made some pretty good choices while the boss was gone and turned his five talents into ten.
The one with two talents also invested wisely and showed up at the evaluation with four.
Needless to say, these guys got a gold star and a promotion.
Then in comes the guy with one talent.
While he didn't have ten talents, or even four talents, he at least had the original talent that had been given him.
When the boss questioned him as to why he hadn't grown his department, the answer was simple.
"I was afraid."
He allowed fear to hold him back.
In his mind's eye, it was too big of a risk to use the talent and perhaps lose it.
He didn't get the promotion.

Those who profess Christ as their Lord and those who do not can undoubtedly agree on the fact that one must take risks in life if one expects to go anywhere or accomplish anything.
But that isn't entirely my "point of the post."

Here is what I was thinking....
I absolutely believe that God created me with a purpose.
I also believe that contentment and fulfillment are directly tied to me walking in that purpose.
I further believe that God initially and continually provides the resources I need to walk out that purpose.
In other words, I have what it takes to begin the walk. The rest is provided along the journey.

What struck me the most in this Bible story was the size of the resources.
Whether they were given five talents, two talents, or one talent, none of them were lacking.
They obviously worked for a wealthy man who very well and very fully equipped those in his employment.

And before anyone gets hung up on the fact that we are God's children and he isn't our employer, please hear my "point of the post."
This is a story that Jesus told to get a point across.
Perhaps several points.
And today, this is what I took away.

No more waiting for your dreams to come true and "happen."
Your ship isn't coming in.
You probably won't win the lottery.

What do you have?
What has He already given you?
Use that.

What is your dream?
Your calling?
Your purpose?
Written on your heart?
Start with that.


Just see that you....




And as you go...."make disciples of all the nations..."
Matt. 28:19


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