Time for some ADVENTURE...

Yesterday was my first day back to school for the year.
It was thrilling, exciting, nerve-racking, and exhausting.
And I only had one class.
In reality, I am enrolled in four, count em FOUR classes...as in I'm-full-time-baby!
However, three of the classes are online and only one requires me to show up, shut up, and wear something besides pajamas.
And I am loving every minute of it. Every minute I tell ya.


Yesterday I sat in my HTML class, listening to everyone around me chatting in "geek speak" and I was overwhelmed with happiness.
I knew very little about what they were saying and even had a couple minor panic attacks, but I was happy.
Happy happy happy because I was in an environment where learning was getting ready to happen.

The way I see it, learning is an adventure. A treasure hunt, if you will.
It is a mind-blowing, eye-opening experience.
It is a door that begs to be opened.
A hill that is made to be climbed.

It reveals secrets that few people ever bother to know.
It sheds light.
Reveals truth.
And simply fascinates. Thrills. Entices.

Or maybe it's just me?
It could just be me.
Possibly I'm weird?

But I'm also happy.
(me and my sweet cousin. she inspires me to keep going because she's a rock star student!)

Here's to discovering the things in life that thrill you!


Piperville said…
You are such an inspiration!!!

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