Time with the man...

The weekend was great because while the kids were away at a Youth Evangelism Conference, the hubs and I enjoyed some much needed alone time.
We piddled around the house, stayed up late watching tv, had an incredibly delicious meal with friends, and made plans for more weekends alone in the near future.

We also grilled these ah-may-zing steaks and husband made the world's best fried rice to go with them.

Then we sat down to watch tv and cry tears of joy while the steaks melted in our mouths.
Few things say happiness to us like good food.
And time together.
And good food.

Anyway, it's nice to be married to your best friend.
And this is mine...

Here's to more weekends like this!

For some reason the pictures in this post wouldn't enlarge to the size I wanted.
Hopefully Blogger and I will be getting along soon.
Until then, thanks for bearing with me!

Have an amazing Monday, Lovelies!!


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