TRUE friends WILL mention your mustache...

True friends will tell you when you have a mustache.
Unfortunately I've learned this the hard way.
It's so sad, but it's true.

I know what you are thinking...geez, don't TELL us you have one. Get some wax!
Buy a box of Nair.
Move out of the country.
Change your name.
I know.

But, I have an excuse for my mustache. You see, it isn't really a mustache... if a mustache is made up of a dark shadowing of hair on the upper lip.
This I do not have.
As a matter of fact, neither I, nor my friends are exactly sure what it is that I have.
After much deliberation, discussion, side-splitting laughter, and staring intently at my upper lip, we have all crossed our fingers and agreed to hope that it is a temporary, albeit embarrassing chafing.
In other words, that nervous habit that I am now desperately trying to break...the one where I chew on my lips when I am thinking...that one....
We think it might have caused this....
If you look closely it is under my lower lip too.
Aren't I lovely?
And don't be fooled by the lighting.
Sadly, it is worse than it looks.

It's not a pretty picture, is it?
but then what were you expecting??
It's a mustache.

And no amount of editing or makeup was enough to hide my embarrassment yesterday morning as my mustache and I crawled into the church and sat in the darkest corner we could find.

At the same time, few things compare to good friends who will do their best to encourage you, diagnose you, and laugh at with you when all else fails.
These are some of the comments I heard....

Ok, I don't really think it's that bad...just cover it with makeup.
I am.

Here, put your finger over your mouth like this when you're talking to people.
You don't think anyone will think that's odd??

It doesn't even look like a mustache. It's more like an eyebrow.
Oh, good. I feel better.

Here, maybe you should eat this chocolate doughnut, that way people will think.....oh, never mind.

See what I mean?
Side-splitting laughter.
Side-splitting, I tell ya.

Oh, well...when all else fails. Laugh.

See you lovelies tomorrow!
(Hopefully I haven't sprouted ear hair by then.)


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