The House Where All the People.......

Welcome to the house where all the people study.
There are currently five people that pretty regularly reside here. I say pretty regularly because one of the "people" is almost nineteen and prefers to keep his options open.
Each of the five people are all attending school full-time.
The husband. The wife. And the three kids.
By the way, I seriously miss that oldest kid that permanently moved out and is getting married in a few months.
But that is another story for another time. At least he drops by for a carb fix and a hug every now and then.

So at any given time, if you wander through the cluttered halls of the house, you will find closed doors and quiet rooms. If you open those doors to peek inside, you might find something like this.

Or this...

It all depends on which room you stumble into as to whether or not you will find minnie mouse, pink plaid book covers, and fuzzy pens...
Or mickey mouse, autographed baseballs, and lizards.
But if you do stumble in, and you find them not doing their schoolwork, would you mind telling them to get on it?
I may not have noticed because I am in here...

Learning about web design, photoshop, scripting, and all sorts of wonderful things that keep my heart happy and my head buzzing.
And on your way out, can you swing by the study where my man spends all his after work hours?

If you will just tell him that dinner is his choice.
Campbells soup.
Papa John's Pizza.
Or cereal.
I know. Happy student = bad wife.
But he won't notice anyway, he's up to his neck in what will soon be a Master's Degree.

So there you have it....the house where all the people study.
The nineteen year old?
Oh, he likes to keep his options open. He studies wherever he lands and chooses not to be tied to a particular spot.
But I'll get a picture of him eventually.

Thanks ever so much for stopping by!!
So sorry I didn't have any cookies baked.
Maybe next time?

Your deliriously happy, geeky friend,


Pamela said…
Christa, I enjoyed this post.
What a studious little family you've got. (and might I add, I'd be the one with the Mickey and/or Minnie desktop. I'd go in that room!)

Your dinner choices sound like mine as of late, and I'm not a student! Something wrong there?

Happy Friday mama!

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