10 important things...

A few things I have learned lately, and just in case I'm not the only person in the world who needs a lesson in life and a few important reminders every now and then...

You're welcome.

1. You will only get out of life exactly what you put into it. If you want to live at 50% of your potential, exert about 50% of your energy and creativity.
Spend the other 50% on television.
You decide.
There are times when I have lived really close to 100% and felt more content than I ever thought was possible.
There are also times when I have lived closer to 50%.
I prefer 100%, but on the other hand, I do enjoy television.
And donuts.
I promised those for today, didn't I?

2. Don't beat yourself up over the areas of construction in your life.
First of all, everywhere you go, there you are.
Do you really want to be with someone that is constantly down on you?
Secondly, your construction couldn't possibly be as bad as the road construction here in Oklahoma, and we figure out a way around it.
There will always be areas of construction in your life.
Handle it. Talk to God about it.
Work it out.
See it through.
But don't berate yourself.
You're way too valuable.

3. When you have the opportunity to eat chocolate, eat chocolate.
Even if it is a small amount.
Chocolate should be eaten on a regular basis.
It's the right thing to do.

4. Smile more often.
We are all much better looking when we smile.

This is me not smiling because someone left a mirror in the bathroom and I figured out what me arse looks like from behind.

And this is me deciding that life is too short to worry about things like arses.
Especially when there is a brand new candy store at the mall and they sell truffles.
See #3.
Life is too short.
Smile. :)

5. Listen.
You know the old saying...
you have two ears & one mouth...
listen twice as much.
You gain more by listening to others.
You also give more by listening to others.

6. Spend time with God and His amazing Son, Jesus.
He created you and He seriously aches to spend time with you.
You cannot even imagine.
He's gotten a bad rap over the years, but it isn't who He is.
Don't just believe what you hear about Him.
Get to know Him personally. He's the father we all need.

7. Never discount a person because they are different than you.
You forget...
You are also different than them.

8. Did I mention eat chocolate?
It's an important one.

9. If there is a fair in your area, go to it.
And eat 2 corn dogs.
3 corns.
Part of an Indian taco.
Sugared pecans.
And ice cream.
You can diet the next day.
You will need to diet the next day.

And while you're there, let someone snap a picture of you eating that third corn, with your fair hair and your "take the picture already" smile.
You'll be glad later.
Or you won't.
But the corn will be good.

10. Come back here tomorrow because I will have lots of beautiful pictures from our time at the fair.
And because I love it when you stop by.
I'm co-dependent that way.
And I need you in my life.

Until tomorrow....



eat chocolate? i am in total agreement with you there! and my favorite one on your list spending time with God and Jesus they sustain me and keep me going through life whatever is thrown at me. Always make Him number 1 priority
Ruthie Hart said…
you hit the nail on the head friend...not only do you need to eat chocolate when you want to but you are speaking some serious truth here. Smiling has become something so important to me knowing that I can change someone's day with a sincere smile. And discounting people is something the world is so harsh on. It saddens me the way people judge our presidental candidates personalities, etc based on their views on taxes and military. People are so quick to judge!!! And making the Lord a priority has brought so many riches to my life. He is enough!!! Have a great Monday friend!
Katie said…
love the one about chocolate! and number 6! :)

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