a random post

This post will be brought to you by the collection of random things that have made up my week.
The sort of things that you would expect to see on a Friday because Friday is the beginning of the end of the week and the day that I can pause for just a second and take a look at what I have done, accomplished, 
put off
and/or enjoyed.

And because I'm the type that has rarely had a thought I haven't shared, I decided to share this random collection of thoughts with you.
You're welcome. :)

So to start this week off, I tried to send a random text in my sleep.
I'm a very friendly sleep-texter. Smiley faces and all.

Unfortunately, I don't know anyone by the name of "py d".
And I guess they are lucky I don't?

After that, I enjoyed diet veggie soup, lemons in my Sprite Zero, and my new Beth Moore Bible study on the book of Daniel. 
But not necessarily in that order.

On Wednesday I took the kids to the park for lunch.
They smiled and pretended that the park is cool and I played on the swings till my backside was sore and my better sense kicked in.

On Thursday I hauled finger nail polishes, plastic containers, and painted fake fingernails up to my school to see if my professor would do an object lesson with me so that I could learn JavaScript.
Yes I did.
And yes, he did.


Gotta love professors who are willing to think outside of the box and who absolutely understand why red fingernail polish is really just a JavaScript function in disguise.
Or was it the yellow polish?
My right brain and left brain are arguing right now.
But let's ignore them.

Let's see...
What else happened this week?
Oh, yes.
My husband bought a new brand of coffee and told the kids they were allowed to say the name out loud. 
For the purpose of telling me about it.
They couldn't wait to tell me and they love it when I brew some so they can ask me if that is the particular brand I am brewing.

The husband had flowers delivered for no reason at all other than, apparently I'm worth it.
His words. Not mine. :)

The cat posed for a couple photo shoots and did a very lovely job of lying around doing nothing while making it look incredibly easy.

The daughter built an amazingly amazing first fire of the year.

And I bought pumpkins.
In cold weather.

While enjoying coffee from a new coffee shop near the college.
Foolish Things Coffee Company for all you Tulsans.
Please check it out asap and be every bit as happy about it as I am.

So that's it.
My week "in pictures" and "far too many words."
I apologize for the tendency to go on and on, as well as the lack of consistent blogging this week.
But as you can see, I haven't been lying around.
That's the cat's job.

your oddly random friend,


Jen said…
hhahahah I'm a sleep texter too. It's so weird! my sister sent me a text one time when she was sleeping and I think it's the hardest I've ever laughed in my life :)

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