A very fair post...

The original plan was to tell you something new I figured out about life and family and God and my purpose.
But that all seems a little heavy for a Friday, don't ya think?
Tell ya what.
I'll hit ya up on Monday.
We can discuss the meaning of life then.
There will be donuts. :)
Donuts make everything better.

Besides, today I'm off to the State Fair and I'm having a hard time thinking of much else.
The weather is chilly, promising nothing higher than 57 degrees for the entire bless-ed day, and I have heard amazing and interesting stories about the variety of food at this year's event.
Something about fried watermelon, fried bubblegum, and bacon smoothies.
I might try the watermelon.
Had a bacon smoothie for breakfast.
I kid.
Mostly I'm just looking forward to the corn dog.

And the pineapple whip.
The cheese on a stick.
The corn.
Indian tacos.
Steak sandwiches.
The homemade pickles.

Anyone else feeling a little sick at their stomach?

I probably should go before I talk myself out of it.
Here's to a butt-load of calories and a day filled with strange people.
I'll be the one dragging around the giant stuffed pickle.

And I promise to post a million pictures when I get back.
Well, not a million.
Five hundred.
Two or three. You get my drift.

hugs and kisses and happy fair wishes!!
I'm such a cornball.
It's only the fair.
And I seriously need to get out more.

And here is your "hope you have a beautiful day,
this post was brought to you by me,
and a healthy dose of Starbucks" picture...

Enjoy your day, lovelies!


Candi said…
Love, love, love me some fair food, so I'm right there with ya!! Hope you enjoy that corn dog for me too!!! YUM!!
Two posts. Yes, two of my posts have been all about corn dogs. I love fair food more than life itself. But the mustache post found over on LIY ... omg. Better than any corn dog post. Hands down.

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