A week later...

Has it been a week since I blogged?

Bad blogger. :(

I have an excuse and it's a pretty good one.
Ok, I'll share.

Basically, we went on a vacay for Fall Break.
The husband, two of the kids, and I loaded up the car and met my mom, two of my three siblings, and most of the nieces and nephews in Branson for the weekend.

It was wonderful.

It was beautiful.
It was relaxing, and entertaining, and exhausting.

And wonderful.
And there was no internet.

Internet was promised.
Internet was attempted.
Internet was not available.

And after stressing over it for 27 minutes I finally decided that it is what it is and the world probably won't end if I don't blog for a few days.
A few days which turned out to be a week because when we returned home I landed smack in the middle of mid-term at school and for the last few days my head has been spinning round and round with html, css, and javascript.
And so now I'm dizzy.

Which is why this post is brief.
And brief.

And I completely understand that we read blogs because we want to peek into the soul, peer behind the curtain, get a glimpse of somewhere else besides our own four walls.
Kind of like when we snoop in other people's medicine cabinets?
You don't do that?
Ooops. My bad.

As I was saying, I get why we blog, and I get why that makes me less than awesome because I signed off for a week without even a "how-do-you-do".
However un-intentional it may have been.

But sometimes if you peer behind the curtain of my life, or glance in my proverbial medicine cabinet, this is what you find.

It isn't always a poetic rambling of encouraging statements and humorous stories.
Sometimes it's just being stuck in the Ozarks without internet.
I'm just sayin.

Your "it's me again" friend,
Christa :)


Ruthie Hart said…
welcome back!!! I am kinda glad that you were forced to unplug and spend time with your family :-) hehehe it's never by choice right!
Sarah said…
Christa! I think we must be close to each other! Branson is our go to weekend getaway because its so close to us! Glad you got to spend time with your family!

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