I'm in my pajamas...

It's 11:37 in the morning, here in Oklahoma, and I'm still in my pajamas.
The husband dragged me out of bed this morning at "way-too-early-o'clock" so that I could drive him to his co-worker's house. They are heading out of town for a conference and car pooling was the best idea for everyone but me.
However, because I strive to be awesome and understanding and all that good jazz, I dragged my sleepy self and my favorite blanket to the car without too much complaining.
Afterwards, I came home to watch an episode of Parenthood while eating diet toast.
You want my life. I know you do.
Then I fell asleep.
I went to my room, climbed into my bed, told myself it would only be a short nap, and fell asleep.
I woke up panic-stricken at 10:45 because I'm supposed to be cooking a meal for a sick friend today and long morning naps are not a part of the plan.
However, when I realized it wasn't actually 2:00 in the afternoon, I relaxed a bit.
And then I ate a pickle.
Not really, but I wanted to.
I always want to.

So, now I'm off to throw on some real person clothes and head to the grocery store where all the normal people are.  People who get up early and don't go back to bed. People who have really clean houses and all their laundry is folded.  They also buy organic all the time.

They don't have these people at your grocery store?
Probably because they are all at mine.
At least that is the way I imagine them when I see them.
I live in my own world.

Thanks for stopping by!

And because every post needs a picture.
Here ya go...

This is my go-to "ooops, I forgot a picture" picture.
Have a lovely day, lovelies!


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