on loyalty...

Once again in the book of Daniel today.
Man, is that book good.
And I'm absolutely loving Beth Moore's insight. Thank you, God, for her.

So, allow me to share again today?
And then tomorrow maybe we can talk about all things funny, or quirky, or random?
So, you'll hang with me once again for a little chatter about how God is ah-freakin-may-zing?

Today I studied how God saw His three warriors through the fiery furnace.
The amazing part?
The three men survived and lived to tell. The men who threw them in? They were killed by the flames.
That part isn't cool. But it is amazing.

So, here the three men are, walking around in the flames. With God.
Catching up on sports?
I have no idea. The Bible doesn't tell us that part.
It just points out the thing that Christians often forget.
When we go through it. He is there.
He is the fourth man in the flames. (1)
Oh, how I love Him.

But here is what struck me the most about the lesson today.
Many Christians over the last 2,000 + years have suffered for their faith.
Countless have been tortured & killed in the most horrific ways.
The enemy's tenacity to destroy the people of God is no small thing.
However, he often underestimates two very important factors.

The loyalty that God's people have to Him.
And the loyalty that God has to His people.

And it isn't always easy to understand. Because some of God's people are rescued before the furnace is ever lit, while others are allowed to walk through the flames and live to tell the story.
Still others are delivered home. Where God waits for them with open arms.
But life would be so much easier with answers, wouldn't it?
I wish I had them.

In the Beth Moore Bible study we were asked to describe loyalty in our own words.
My description of loyalty is this: "Staying true regardless of the results or the return."
In other words, deciding today what I believe today, regardless of what I will face tomorrow.
I'm not saying that I always make an "A" on this test, but that brings me to the second thing that the enemy doesn't count on about God and those who love Him.

God is loyal to us.
He never leaves us or forsakes us.
Nothing can separate us from His love for us.
Not death or life.
Angels or demons.
Today or tomorrow.
Highs or lows.
Or anything else in all of creation.
He has decided His answer long before the question is asked.
He is loyal.
We are His.

Dear, dear reader.
Choose Him.
He's unbelievably worth it.

Your less-than-perfect, but oh-so-amazingly-forgiven friend,

(1) Beth Moore Bible Study at Lifeway


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