on things of importance...

I'm not sure if Monday is the best day to talk about this, but it's on my heart and it is what it is.
And this being a diary of sorts, I guess it's alright to go with the leadings of my heart from time to time.

Most of you know that I am a Christian. A follower of Christ - The One called Jesus.
He has been my best friend for 15 years now.

Speaking of my best friend, I have been spending a little more time with Him lately. We generally end up in His best seller, The Holy Bible, and our current area of discussion has been the book of Daniel.
Good stuff, the book of Daniel.

On a sidenote, I find it interesting that Christians are often blamed for allowing their kids to read some of the more intense areas of the Bible while few things are said when kids line up to see the next scary movie or the latest violent action film.
End of sidenote.
Just something I've noticed.

Back to the point of the post.
In Daniel chapter three, Daniel's three friends are brought before the king to explain why they have not been paying their dues to the king's latest big deal.  In other words, why aren't they bowing down to the statue like the rest of the leaders of the country.

Sidenote number 2.
Thank God for the men and women who serve our country as political and military leaders, face the challenges of going along with the crowd, and manage to keep their values, hold steadfast to their faith, and continue to serve the one true God.
End of sidenote number 2.
My brother-in-law is one of these leaders. Proud of him, by the way.

And that sort of is the point of the post.
I know it can be difficult to tell, what with the somewhat rambling style of putting together my sentences as well as the sidenotes that continually crop up, but there is a point to the post.

The point of the post being that today when God and I were discussing the book of Daniel (thanks to the help of Beth Moore and her amazing Bible study on the book), three things stood out to me.
Big time.

Number one...
When the three men in question were brought before the king and questioned as to why they wouldn't worship the king's statue, they did not defend their faith or their actions. As a matter of fact, they respectfully answered the king's questions with a 'We don't owe you an explanation' statement. (paraphrase mine)
Too often it is the other way around.
Christians who feel that their faith is under fire generally respond with explanations, excuses, and even apologies.
Myself included, I am ashamed to admit.
You would think we were admitting to a crime or something dirty when in reality today's society is much more tolerant of those types of things than they are the Christian faith.

The second thing that stood out to me was their commitment to their God.
It doesn't appear that they had to discuss, prepare, or even consider their response to the king.
Bow down or go into the fiery furnace?
No brainer.
We'll take the furnace.
A response like that requires pre-determination.
I know what I believe.
I know Who I believe.
I have decided long before I am asked.

But, perhaps what stood out to me the most in this story was when these three brave men openly declared that they would serve God to the end whether He did what they expected, or not.
In other words....
He saves us from this horrible fate, we believe in Him.
We die in the fire, we believe in Him.
It has already been decided and we do not question our decision.
Or His.

Gotta love those guys for that.
As well as the God they served.
Love Him too.

That's all for today.
Hope it wasn't too heavy for a Monday.
I've rarely had a thought I haven't shared and that was today's thought of the day.

Your friend,

ps.... Thought it might be a good idea to link to this website because it explains the Christian faith a little better than what I often can.


Ruthie Hart said…
I am starting my first beth moore study next week...on Esther. Cannot wait! And I can't agree with you enough on your first point...as Christians we exhaust our excuse..why we aren't obeying, why we continually choose ourselves over the Lord...I fall victim everyday. And on your second point, it reminds me of the apostles in Malachi who were flogged for claiming the name of Jesus and are let go and smiling and happy because they didn't deny their king! Wish I could be a woman of that faith!

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