the weekend....

This weekend went by way too fast and was absolutely jam packed. 
Today I'm recovering with Chai Tea and a warm blanket.

Friday I spent the first half of the day running errands and the second half of the day with my head buried in school books.
I spent Friday night trying to tear myself away from the giant pickle jars that my husband brought home as a present to me.
Some men bring roses.

I actually showed an amazing amount of restraint for the pickle-holic that I am and I was able to keep the inevitable fluid retention to a bare minimum.

Saturday the girl and I got up bright and early and went wedding dress shopping with the future daughter-in-law and other special family members.
I wish I had pictures to share, but I forgot to take any in which she wasn't wearing white and it's all very hush-hush till March 30th.
It was so much fun though.
We had Chai Tea Lattes from Starbucks and lunch at Mimi's afterwards.
Seriously, you would think I could have managed at least one picture of our happy group.
Or a breakfast muffin, or something.
My apologies. My brain was focusing on the time because as soon as we were done with our girl time we had to rush off to play rehearsal.
The two youngest kids are in a community theatre and Saturday was the first rehearsal for the upcoming play.

Saturday night, directly following play practice, a quick jaunt to the mall, and dropping the future DIL off at work, we all headed over to Don's brother's house to see the new nephew.

These two guys share the same middle name.

As do these two.

Love this picture of the girl and her baby cousin.
He is obviously telling her all of his troubles and she is listening with a very sympathetic face. 

At this point, his troubles got to be a little bigger than any of us could solve and someone handed him off to his momma.
But it was a pleasant end to a fun-filled day.

On Sunday the husband and the children went to church and Sunday School,
while I stayed home and recovered under a blanket and on a heating pad.
When they returned home, my sweet girl cleaned the house for me and then brewed two mugs of pumpkin spice tea for us to enjoy while we watched tv.

The husband cooked dinner.
The boy caught up on schoolwork.
And my beautiful momma stopped by for a visit.

This is my beautiful momma.
The picture wasn't taken yesterday, but I couldn't resist throwing it in anyway. 
Isn't she something?

And that's all, folks.
Enough about me and & mine.
How was your weekend?


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