This is not a blog post...

Hey, ya'll.
I'm not really blogging today, ok?
Sorry to drop in and say, "haha! just kidding!" but I'm in a decent amount of pain today and I'm taking the day off from all things that involve having to think.
Can we still be friends?
I promise to be back next week if you promise to stop back by.
In the meantime.
Anyone else deal with back pain?
Mine is pretty much from the base of my neck to my hips and I've been diagnosed with several bulging discs.
They want to try epidural injections which would be a great idea if I wasn't such a big baby.

Anyone else deal with this?

Thanks for letting me off the hook today.
Promise I'll be much more fun next week.

And here is your picture that has nothing to do with the post.

Me and one of my many nephews. :)



Ruthie Hart said…
hope you get to feeling better sister!
Im pretty sure we have all felt this way!! Haha. Found your blog from the big giveaway :) so excited to be your newest follower and read more posts from ya!

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