Warning: This post will make you hungry.

The fair was ah-may-zing.
We go pretty much every year and each and every year we say that it just wasn't what we had hoped and that we probably won't return the following year.
But we almost always do.
Something about the cooler air, the bright lights, the smell of corn dogs.
It lures us in and steals a week's worth of our pay.
Well, not that bad, but it's not a dollar-fifty event either.

This year was different for some reason.
This year we enjoyed every minute and practically every food we could get our hands on.
Come to think of it, that might be why we enjoyed every minute.
It could also be because the husband and I are dieting and the fair was an opportunity to blow it big time.
And did we ever, Baby!
Did I mention that I might have had two corn dogs and three corns?
I might have.
I'm not swearing to it or anything, but it's very possible that it's true.

I might have also had part of an Indian Taco,
Nitro Ice Cream,
Sweet Potato Chips with Marshmallow Cream Sauce,
a BB-Q sandwich,
and cinnamon pecans.

Once again.
I might have.
I'm not swearing to anything and there are very few pictures of proof.

There are however, a lot of pictures of the amazing time we had as well as some of the friends we ran into.
Don't ask them about what I ate either.
They don't know anything and will tell you nothing.

 This proves nothing.
Nothing at all.

This was corn number one.
It was also the beginning of the love affair.

You can see that the relationship was a happy one.
And if I look green in this picture, it has more to do with my lack of photoshop skills than it does the amount of corns I might have eaten by this point.

 These precious ladies were be-boppin in line for a ride I was too chicken to get on and I just had to stop and ask them if they would be my new friends.
They obliged because they are precious.
And beautiful.

Speaking of chickens, this little guy came over to say "hello" and I wanted to take him home.
But his momma said no.
So did my husband.

And speaking of husband, this guy is his nutty friend.
No, I'm not being rude.
He owns a rather nutty business making the b-e-s-t cinnamon roasted pecans and almonds ever.
Here he is with his lovely  assistant who had the best smile I've seen in a long time.
I have a thing for precious people and am always asking them to be my friend.
Especially when they give me cinnamon pecans.

Speaking of people.
These two make my heart go pitter-pat.
Love them.

And here they are with that guy I call mine.
Love him too.
He buys me corn.

And bb-q sandwiches.

And he shares his ice cream.

This is the last picture and it makes me sad because it means that all of the corn is gone.

Sorry about the picture overload.
I fully understand that there is a balance between not enough pictures and overkill.
Today I went for overkill.

I do that with food sometimes too.
If there is corn.

Your bloated friend,


Haha. I love your narration. :) And I am also super sad about the corn being gone.

Annnnd ... I love picture overloads. I don't know if you can every have too many pictures (says the girl who just had to buy extra space for her blog becaues she was out of space). But really ... fun pics!
christine donee said…
darn. i read while hungry.
Hey Christa! Thank you for all your sweet words and following our lil' old blog! Your hilarious! So glad you enjoyed the fair! At fairs/festivals here all they have is stale churros and organ meat on a stick! Hahaha. So, that corn dog and those cinnamon pecans (yummmmm!!!) are sounding pretty amazing! Girl, you can never have too many pictures! Excited to be following your blog, too!
Katie said…
love all the pictures! and yum! I want some of that food!

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