insanity is happening

This is going to sound insane.
And let me start off by apologizing for playing the disappearing act yesterday and then dropping in for a brief moment of insanity today.

And now that the apology is out of the way let me tell you about the insanity that is currently happening over here.

Basically, it goes like this.
I love art.
I love graphics.
I love doodling.
I love photography.
I love pretty things.
I love html.
I love code.
I should design websites.
Hence the Digital Media degree I am currently working on.

So, today I sit down at my computer with a bowl of low-fat, low-fun soup and a glass of diet lemonade, and I begin today's lesson on website design.

oh my gosh.
Is there any way I can express to you exactly how insanely excited I am right now??
I'm watching the video, scribbling notes (with an adorable pink pencil),
and practically trembling with excitement.
I might have even squealed a time or two.

And what do I do next?
Run over here to tell you.

by the way, world, I'm having an amazing day learning website design and it totally makes up for the low-fun soup and the fact that I can't have chocolate chip cookies for the next 97 weeks.
Or be a nurse.
And, yes,  I realize that the two have nothing at all in common, other than I'm pretty sure that nurses like cookies too.
but I just had to journal.
Had to share.
Had to jump up and down with excitement and run around my backyard scaring all the neighborhood dogs and possibly a squirrel or two.
Ok. that might have been a little over the top.
I should have at least changed out of my bathrobe.
told you. insanity over here.
straight up and all the way.

You guys are absolute dolls for sticking with me this long,
reading my blog even semi-regularly,
and sending love back my way.

Ok, I'm off to design, doodle, and dance.
And scare wildlife.

Forever your geek,


raechelmary said…
Hey lady! I've tagged you in a post of mine! :) Here is the link to it:


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