on Saturdays and nieces and beauty...

My niece is so beautiful.
She's also petite.
And outspoken.
In other words... beautiful.

Which is why I'm enjoying watching her grow up and enjoy life.
When I see her little face, charming smile, and constant chatter, I see someone that God is excited about.
Can't picture Him being crazy about us?
Yeah, that's understandable. 
It's also very, very sad.
God's love for us is without limits, yet we are always ready to believe the worst about Him.
Why is that??

But that's another post for another day.
Today's post is about this little lady with her smile, charm, and amazing soccer skills.

And girl has got some pretty serious skills.
So on Saturday, after we went to watch one amazing niece rock the cheer world, we hustled over to the other side of the city to watch another beautiful niece own the soccer field.
Because there comes a point in your life where you realize that all of the trying, attempting, achieving, and working won't amount to a thing if you don't build relationships.
Focus on people.
Live a life of love.

The beautiful things, degrees, vacations, and achievements all have their place.
But they are especially special when they have a place inside a family.
A group of people that love you and choose you no matter what.
Own the field or not. Rock the dance or don't.
We choose you.
We love you.
You belong to us.
Sort of like the heart of God.
And that is a beautiful thing.




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