Community Theatre Play, A Christmas Parade, and a little PG

For the past several weeks my two younger children have participated in a local community theatre.
Aren't all community theatres local?
It's too early to be both awake and intelligent.

At any rate, they have spent many hours learning to dance, sing, and act, while wearing the right amount of makeup under stage lighting, and I have spent many hours chauffeuring them around and altering their costumes as well as the costumes of most of their friends.

Both my sewing machine and my taxi have been put to good use and never felt so needed.

However, as much as I love my children, and enjoy the whole community theatre experience, there are some things I didn't realize I was signing up for until it was too late.
Drive them back and forth several times a week?
No problem.
Help alter most of the costumes?
Pass out flyers?
Attend promotional performances at the park?
Taxi my children and their friends to the Christmas parade so they can all walk in it?
Why not?

Walk in the parade with them?
What do I wear?

And that's where it gets a little PG my friends.
When I first put the costume on, I was just glad that it fit.
Ok, so the blouse was a little snug and the shoulder cape was sort of tight, but the skirt fit and I found a hat that stayed on my head without too much trouble.
The fact that I was wearing tennis shoes with a turn of the century skirt wasn't that big of a deal since heels were certainly out of the question and I figured that the length of the skirt would likely cover my poor choice in footwear.

Yes, we were adorable.
And it was a lot of fun.
Despite the draft.

I did say draft.
There was a definite draft coming from the posterior section of my outfit.
And I don't care what my sweet friend says, I am not convinced that I wasn't adding a little more to the show than I intended.
Thankfully, we stayed PG though, despite my husband accidentally(?) stepping on my skirt during the middle of the parade.
However, in my hasty attempt to hoist everything back up and in place, I did a once over check on my entire outfit.
Just to be sure.

I can't say how long my blouse had been open.
With the significant draft from behind, I hadn't noticed the draft from up front.
Two blocks?
I don't know.
But there I was.
Out front and center.
Proud as could be.
Yelling "Merry Christmas!" and offering good cheer.
And apparently much more.

Now can I even be certain about all the waves and the smiles I received?
Perhaps people aren't even that excited about community theatre?
I guess one can never be sure.

Safety pins, they are my friend from now on.

I love you for listening.



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