Ornament Swap and something that sparkles!

It might be acceptable, albeit questionable, for one to sneak out the back door of blogging for several weeks on end, but it is not ok to fail to blog about the time you signed up for the Christmas Ornament Swap over at Erin's place, made some amazing new friends, and received the most-beautiful-ornament-ever in the mail.
That would not be cool.
Not at all.

So, here is how it worked.

Erin and her lovely friend, Jessah, came up with the sweetest idea to hook all bloggers up with a giant ornament swap.
Not giant ornaments.
Giant swap.
I'll try to be more clear henceforth.
At any rate, oodles and oodles of fellow bloggers signed on the dotted line, dropped our hat in the ring, and promised to do three things
      a) Send an amazing ornament to a fellow blogger and hopefully make a new friend for life.
       b) Receive an amazing ornament from a fellow blogger and hopefully make a new friend for life.

      And 3) blog about "said ornament received", complete with pictures, link backs, and holiday cheer.

And while it was easy to sign up and super fun to swap,
the blogging part has been difficult. At least for me.
Being in the middle of an intense semester at school may not be a very good excuse,
depending on the blogging standard you go by,
but it is the only excuse I have at the moment.
And while I would totally try and find another excuse,
I have been really busy at school.
I said that already, didn't I?
So, without further goings-on, and before I am both late and never...

The beautiful ornament I received from the lovely Chelsea at Cardio and Cocktails.

Chelsea's ornament was perfect for me because it symbolized home and family and because she chose it with exactly that in mind.
Chelsea took the time to read my blog and get to know me so that she could choose an ornament that would have special meaning to me.
She may never know just how much that made my day.
Not to mention, my entire week.

So, thank you to Erin and Jessah for putting together this fabulous party, and a HUGE thank you to Chelsea for thinking of me.
And for sending me something that sparkles. :)



Jessah said…
Thanks for joining our swap, Krista. Hope your semester gets easier! Love your ornament.

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