from our household...

Good afternoon from our household. We are currently trying to get back into the workout routine over here. Prior to me getting the best job in the world (more on that later this week), the two youngest and I would meet my mom at the gym every other day or so for some intense walking and cycling to iTunes.
Until the best job opportunity in the world came along making me less and less available for walking and cycling. So for the time being, we have dropped to 2-3 times a week and make an effort to eat less no-bake cookies.

This is practically an impossibility given that most of us in this household base our happiness as to whether or not there are no-bakes in the vicinity. I made a batch Saturday and we have been very happy around here.

Happiness is a good thing when you live with as many people as I live with. While one of the children has moved out and started a life for himself,

 he and his new life, thankfully, still come around often, plus there are still 3 children officially residing in the home. They are growing fast, are basically cooler than I am, and are here frequently. Usually in search of something to eat.

They also each have a slew of friends who not only like to eat, but seem to enjoy eating here. It's probably the no-bakes. At any rate, with the constant comings & goings of hungry teenagers, their friends, and extended family, I never feel alone. Broke at times. but rarely alone....

which is why I enjoy going to work at my new best-job-in-the-world.
It allows me a small break from the "very much loved"-"couldn't live without" comings & goings.
And helps me pay for it as well.

Later this week I'll tell you all about my new job and how blessed I feel to be one of God's kids.
But for now, I'm off to eat the last no-bake.



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