New Header and "So This is Where I've Been Lately"...

The ol' blog girl has been under construction as of late.
Her header has been remade, re-sized, and renewed.
As well as trashed, scratched, and squished entirely too far to the left. 
Stage left. 
Or is it screen left?
Either way, it was not centered and not at all good.

I had intended to have her dressed, stylin, and exotic by January 1st, but per usual, the best way to not get something done around here is to "intend to do it."
Best intentions are a sure-fire motivation killer for me.
Can we talk about my diet(s)?
Another time perhaps. 

So after much constructing, designing, and stressing, 
what she's wearing "up top" is what she will be wearing for a while.
It's not fancy, but it will do for the time being, and it's better than not wearing anything at all.
Well, I suppose that depends on who you ask.

For now, I just wanted to pop in and say, "hey, I'm still here and I have every intention of sticking around."
As a matter of fact, I think I'll drop in tomorrow and write something real.
Until then, here are a few pictures of all the things I have been doing in between learning blog design.

Working on getting up to 2 miles a day.

Enjoying coffee in the back yard with George.

He doesn't care for coffee, but he's awfully adorable company.

I've spent time with the kids.

The husband.

And chocolate peeps.

I've also worked on my quilt and made a Christmas card from this amazing picture I took of my girl.

Other than that, I've pretty much just laid around the house and watched far too much tv.
But I'm looking forward to life getting somewhat back to normal.
Here's to that starting tomorrow.
Or sometime after noon on Monday.



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