The first second day...

Today was the very first "second day of school" for the entire semester. It's a pretty big deal actually, because anything that has to do with anything related to school is a big deal to me. Learning is sort of a passion of mine.
This makes me a nerd.
And less fun at parties than your average person.
Unless of course it's a study party.

Onward with the point of the post...
In celebration of the first "second day of school" I started off with a workout at the gym and a low-fat berry cake from Starbucks.
I then spent four and a half glorious hours learning about all things graphic and web design.
After which I crumbled into an exhausted heap of euphoria. But not before having the world's biggest salad because a low-fat berry cake, 4 crackers, and a protein bar do not a good lunch make.

And now I leave you with a couple pictures from my education-filled day.

The first picture is a digital scrap paper (key word: scrap) that I created with all the many tools in Illustrator.

The second one is a digital scrap paper that the guy next to me created with all the many tools in Illustrator.

Next time I'm switching seats.
kidding. He's really super nice and makes a point never to look down on my beginner status.
Besides, I guess he can't help it that I have yet to acquire skillz.

This other amazingly talented student can't help it either.
Pretty sure she even blew the first guy away.
We are both switching seats next time.

But for now I'm off to veg out and watch tv.
Priorities are key.

love, love, LOVE you for stopping by!
And please feel free to say hi in the comments below.
Otherwise I feel like I'm talking to myself.
Never mind. I will still talk to myself.
Do as you like.



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