the little post that could...

Tonight I was skimming through some of my old posts and a few of the posts that "never were" when I found this one and thought, "whattheheck and why not?"
Besides, while I'm not opposed to coming up with something original at 10:48 pm, I'm even less opposed to watching another episode of "Gossip Girl."
So, I'm off to become even more of a couch potato, and your off to read this long lost post...
I hope.

The Post that almost wasn't...

If you are reading this post on Wednesday, it is not because I wrote it on Wednesday.
Although technically it is no longer Tuesday, which makes it Wednesday.
I'm up way past my bedtime.
Thank you, Coke Zero. I told you we should have ended things a long time ago.
And like it or not, it's you. Not me.
Ok, it's me. I'm weak.
A sucker for caffeine. A coke zero junkie.
A disgrace, with the guts to blog at 2 in the morning on nothing more than a caffeine high and an insomniatic episode.
It is too a word.

But that's another post. One which will require more thinking power than I have right now.
Basically, when you mix the sheer exhaustion that can only come from completely remodeling your daughter's room, with the aching shoulder that refuses to be comfortable, the million and seven things on my over-taxed brain, and too many coke zeros...
what do you get?

Me. Up at 2:15 a.m., folks. Returning emails, looking over my kids' school assignments for the week, and blogging.
Because what else would I do?
Sneak into the kitchen for a post-midnight snack?
Already did that.
There's nothing good in there.

And ...
A) Because this post needs a picture.
B) Because nothing has to make sense at this hour
3) Because I love this photo...

Here you go....

I feel better now.
And even a little sleepy.
Probably better jump on that while I have the chance despite the opinion of my cranky shoulder.

One more thing...
after the sun comes up,  and once you have read this post....
would you mind being extra quiet?
I'm considering being sleep-deprived, moody, and irritable tomorrow.

On second thought, hoop it up!
You only live once, and I'm the one who drank the Coke Zero.


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