The Masquerade

When your brother-in-law is a State Senator you might find yourself at some pretty nifty events.
Do people even say nifty anymore?
I mean cool people.
Do cool people say nifty anymore?
Never mind, they probably never did.
I really need to just get over the whole high-school thing anyway.
Sticks and stones. Whatevs.
Do people say Whatevs anymore?

Anyway. I have a Senator for a brother-in-law and on Friday night, the husband and I went to a Masquerade ball with said Senator and his lovely wife.
We call him "Senator" because it makes us feel like someone in our family is cool.
We call him...
Never mind.
We love him.

And if you knew him, or lived in his district, you would love him too.
Because he is one of these guys who really does care about the people he serves.
I know this because I've known him for many, many years and I've seen the heart that both he and his wife have for others.
I've also seen them on vacation with tourists clothes and ball caps but no one looks good like that.
It would be unfair to judge.

This post wasn't even supposed to be about my bro-in-law.
Despite the fact that he's awesome and we are very proud.
This post was supposed to be about the masquerade party we went to; the amazing food, beautiful decorations, and the fact that everyone was wearing a mask but me.
Thank you, sweet husband, for not mentioning it was a "bring-your-own-mask" sort of party.
No biggie.
There was a be-a-yoo-tiful mask centerpiece on our table and the hosts of the party kindly gave one of them to me out of pity.

However, my mask hardly compared with this completely adorable couple that I found.
I shamelessly begged for a picture.
I do that when I see beautiful people.
Thank you, sweet strangers, for allowing me to stop you and take your picture! You guys were stunning!

My mask also paled in comparison to this lovely couple.
My brother-in-law was honored with an award and his lovely wife was complimented profusely on her choice of footwear. I wish you could see them in the pic.
Red patent leather.

Yep. She's pretty much a living doll.

Once again I"m going on about my family. They truly are fabulous, but that isn't what this post is supposed to be about.
Perhaps another time, dear family?
You understand?
I mean there's cake.

Would you look at this?
Not only was it delicious, but it was served alongside the best coffee I've had in a long time.
Two cups, I tell ya.
Straight up. Nothing added.
AND after 9 o' clock.
yeah, I was up for two days straight.
Maybe I kid.
It could have been three days.

So that pretty much wraps it up for this post.
Just wanted to drop in and say, "whatchadoin?" and isn't my life glam? I went to a masquerade ball and someone loaned me a spare mask.
I'm not opposed to charity when it has sequins on it.

Till tomorrow...
(Your masked friend)


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