the week so far...

My Week so far....
Sleep in.
Skip the morning walk.
Take the kids to auditions at the community theatre.
Go to Barnes & Noble with the husband for a stuffed pretzel and lemonade.
Regret skipping the morning walk.
Watch tv till way too late.

Get the morning walk in.
Bake cookies with the 19 year-old.
Watch tv with the daughter.
See hand specialist about upcoming surgery.
Lay in bed with a BIG salad while watching "The Bachelor" with daughter-in-law.
Eat too many cookies.
Regret skipping Monday's morning walk.

Get the morning walk in again.
Feel like a rockstar.
Work on quilt.
Eat dinner at church.
Visit with favorite people.
Remember that God is good.
Forgive self for skipping Monday's morning walk.

Skip morning walk.
Go to Physical Therapy and reclaim rock star status.
Decide to forgo condemnation over lack of morning walk in light of rock star status at Physical Therapy.
Make pretty freakin-awesome dinner out of left-overs.
Watch Star Trek with family.
Stress over blog.
Come up with weird list of week's itinerary idea.

Undetermined as of yet.
Pretty sure there will be cookies involved.
As well as a walk.
Rock star status will be successfully maintained.

And I'm off to watch some tv with the girl. It makes her happy and gives me a chance to sit on the heating pad. Unfortunately, rock star status does not come without a price.



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