Apparently Art is Subjective...

One of the classes I'm currently working on is Adobe Photoshop Advanced. The "advanced" part makes me feel special so I'm always sure to throw it in there. And man, am I having the time of my life! It feels 100% like playing instead of studying. Until I check my grades and see that the professor may not "play" exactly the same way I do.
My grades don't feel 100%.
Oh, well.

I have an A minus in the class, and that isn't too bad, given that art is completely subjective.
Not everyone is always going to get my art and I can live with that as long as people lie to me and tell me they do.

However, I can honestly say that my professor liked this one.

You tell me. What does it make you think of?
Or better yet, what do you think the point of the art is?
heart shaped leaves?

And what about the floating 3D ring?
Why that?

Basically, we were supposed to create a 3D ring from scratch in Photoshop and incorporate it into another piece of art.
I chose this picture of my kids from last Spring because I wanted the ring to focus on something that is important to me. If I remember correctly, it's supposed to be Surrealism.

Then there's this one...

My prof didn't like this one.
Something about the smoke not being perfectly even and not looking natural.
That's weird.
The smoke always looks like this in my coffee cup.
Ok, maybe I'm even less "with it" in the mornings than I thought.
Speaking of mornings, I meant to post this morning but I rolled out of bed and basically crawled to the gym.
Not posting a picture of that.
No amount of subjective reasoning could make it look good.
However, here is a pic of what I love about the gym.

Treadmill. Mickey cup of water. Broadway music.
I positively get chills when Defying Gravity comes on and I literally have to restrain myself from grabbing a workout partner and breaking into song and dance between the ellipticals.
Dance is also subjective. 

Until tomorrow, lovelies....



I like them! They both look fun! I think the coffee smoke is smiling at me :) I have some really crazy photoshop art that I don't show to anyone cause I was just having fun practicing on flikr. It's art to me though!
Anonymous said…
I love both of these!I think it's fun to create such unique and interesting photoshop art and dramatic editing. I love the floating circles!

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