Just me.

It's not that I don't have anything to say. As if.
It's more like being unsure if you really want to hear it. read it.
either one.
And speaking of you. Wanna know how I see you? You look like about four or five people sitting together in chairs on the other side of my computer screen looking in at my blog page. I think you're in folding chairs. It's hard to tell.
And come to think of it, it sorta creeps me out.
Who pictures stuff like that? And only four or five? Wow. My expectations are soaring.
I'm pretty sure the jury is no longer out. I'm odd.

But enough of that.
As the blogging community grows and grows and GROWS I have noticed some comparing and imitating. Of course it's normal. Most bloggers are women and women often share ideas, trends, tips, etc.on all sorts of things not limited to blogging. It doesn't really bother me. It just makes me think.
Did we begin blogging to write our story and then somewhere along the way quit writing our story because it is more popular to make our story look like someone else's story?

I just think we need to be careful, that's all. Tonight I almost didn't blog. Many nights I have chosen not to blog. I will think about blogging. I will even pick up the computer and perhaps start a post.
Then I remember that I have little to say compared to so & so and so & so.
And that's when I close the computer and vow to become more interesting.

Tonight I opted to keep the computer open.
And go with honest.

Just me.
Always me.


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