Do you ever have one of those moments that time seems to stop because in that span of about 13 seconds, you think of a million different reasons why this particular moment is important to the meaning of your life?
Whoa. Can you say run-on sentence?
Sorry about that.
Anyway, I had one of those moments tonight.

The girl and I had spent the day quilting, and on the way home we picked the oldest child up from work to take him to get his car. I could have asked the hubs to pick him up from work, especially since I was super tired and ready to get home to relax, but it's really hard for this momma to pass up a chance to see her kids. Especially when said kid is no longer living at home, getting ready to get married, and working two jobs. His time is limited and I will take any moment I can get, even if it is just 20 brief moments while I drive him from point A to point B.
While I drove, I enjoyed hearing about his day, how much he enjoys what he's doing with his life, and a few of the plans for the soon-to-be wedding.
It was good.

And when we arrived at his destination, he hugged me goodbye, told his sister he loved her, and thanked me for the ride.
As he was walking away, he turned and smiled and waved.
At that moment I saw him. And I knew.

I knew he had grown up. I knew he was no longer a baby boy. I knew he would never need me the way he used to. Ever again.
I knew he wasn't just mine anymore.
I knew he had moved on.
But I also knew he was happy.
and loved.
and he would be ok.

And I am so glad.
Because if there is one thing I could say to mothers,
young, old, soon-to-be or maybe someday...
It is this....
Don't just make them a part of your life.
Be a part of theirs.
Because one day you will realize that it never really was about you after all. It's about them and the beautiful plan that God has for them. Be a part of that plan.
and be their number one fan.

Ok. I guess technically that was about five things?
Sorry bout that....

At any rate, I had a good day and I really, really, really hope you did too, but if you didn't have a good day and you want someone to pray for you?
I would be completely honored to do that. Completely.
Just leave a comment or email me at

I would love to hear from you!



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