On being a superhero and meeting Erin...

So, tonight was pretty much awesome. I spent an entire hour chatting it up with the ever-so-lovely Erin over at Living in Yellow and let me tell, you, girl is ah-may-zing.
And absolutely every bit as real and adorable as she is on her blog.
Dontcha love it when you have the opportunity to peek into the real life person of a blog crush you've had for ever and you find out that you were 100% right to crush?
Because they are amazing, and they are hilarious, and they are for real?
Just like you thought?
Yeah, me too.

Which is why I took about four whole pages of notes, was inspired to create a new button, and left with new ideas, inspiration, and determination to use my blogger voice.
For good and not for evil.
Not that I was using it for evil before or that I would even know how to use it for evil.
It's just that now I'm really determined not to be evil.
If that makes sense at all, because I'm starting to think...no...it does not.

So, on that note I'll sign off for today.
I have a full day of good/not evil to do tomorrow and a super hero needs her sleep, ya know?

Night all and xoxo...


DonJen Sanders said…
That is so neat. Technology today is just a blessing and so useful. But u r right most of us just talk about our daily lives instead of trying to reach the lost. Whatever you are thinking of doing, I am sure you will do it great. You have an amazing blogger voice so use it. And of course you don't speak evil lol. See no evil, Speak no evil, and Do no evil should be everyone's motto, superhero or not.
Erin said…
you are more amazing than you ever give yourself credit for....love you and your heart and your face that I want to rub (haha). It was so good talking to you and I am so blessed to have "met" you in this big ole blogging world.

Love you and I will be chatting with you very soon.

Keep writing girl--you have tremendous influence.

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