pardon my french

Right now. At this very moment in time.
I am p-i-s-s-e-d.
Please don't tell me you never say that word.
I mean, I'm completely fine if you don't say that word.
I just can't deal with any judgement right now because I am too busy being out of my mind over this cat.

This one.

He's an extremely emotional cat and whenever he becomes confused, scared, or stressed over something, he pees.
We have already had to remove the flooring in one room of the house, and at the time I wasn't too terribly upset because the carpet needed to be replaced anyway. It also looked like the problem was fixed. He stopped urinating outside of his litter box, I was able to go a few days without needing to light a candle in every room, and everyone was happy again.
Until lately.
The other day I had one of the dogs in the garage for a few minutes and when the cat realized the dog was out there, he immediately peed on the kitchen floor.
I totally would have pulled out my hair, or his, but I was too busy cleaning up the mess and trying not to use my "french."

So I need help.
My house smells like cat piss and I'm looking for any and all suggestions.
Sorry about that word again, but in about a week or two we will be getting all new flooring and I will seriously go ninja on his arse if he ruins my new floor.

So again.

the one scrubbing the floor


I wish i could help. I have the same problem with our Cat. So I hope you get some good advice cause I will be looking. I love our cat but when your cleaning I think what a lovely fur coat he would make for some child's doll (I kid).

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