sibling night out

Friday night the hubs and I spent the evening with my three sibs and their spouses.
There was thai food, laughter, a few trips down memory lane, and a brief makeover sesh in the ladies bathroom while the men waited impatiently outside.
Hey, it was a kid-free evening and we wanted to enjoy it.
And, yes, trying on each other's new lipstick and sparkly cheek bone highlighter was a necessary component of the night.

How wonderful it is to break away from the routine of life and just be at ease with those who know you best and love you anyway.
I am convinced this is one of the reasons that God gave us families, and if you are blessed enough to be close to yours, savor it.
Enjoy it.
Mend it if it is broken.
Allow yourself to welcome the comfort that comes from being with those who share your history.
Relax and be who you are. And if you ever forget, allow them to remind you.

God is good.
And family is meant to be a blessing.



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