a post gone wild. and some very bad hair.

So last night I stayed up till way past my bedtime and yours, trying to pull my thoughts together for the post I wanted to write on Monday and didn't. The one about being a person, and having value, and all that cheerful stuff.
The problem being that I wrote it at midnight plus, on practically no hours of sleep the night before, and the sheer frustration that comes from trying to live up to one's own imagination.
And, hear me. Mine. Is. GI-normous.
You don't want to live inside this head, believe me.

At any rate, I completed the post at half past whatever, hit publish, ate some grilled chicken, and went to bed.
When I woke up this morning I realized what I had done. I had written another post in my sleep.
And then eaten grilled chicken.
This can never turn out well.
I half ran, half panic-dashed over to my computer to find out if the worst was true.
And it was. My post made no sense at all to the wide awake brain.
I can only hope that those of you who may have read it, read it with brain fog from either being up too late or too early, and that you assumed you were the one that was having an off day.
At any rate, I couldn't hit the delete button fast enough and here we are.

So, what was the point of the post?
The one I promised to write because it carried the weight of all my thinking the last few days?

The point was this.
Sometimes I look at an area of failure in my life and I focus on it until it is bigger than it should ever have the right to be.
And perhaps it isn't failure at all. Perhaps it's just a seasonal shift.
For example as my season has shifted from stay-at-home mom to working mom, I have really struggled with accepting my new limitations.
And I am realizing something.
Life is made up completely of seasons.
Each season containing different requirements, different needs, and sometimes completely different benefits.
But, most of the time each season has all of the above.
A set of things that need to be done in this season.
A way to do these things.
And the benefits that will be reaped.

Yet, it seems that too often we fight the change of our seasons with nothing less than full-on kicking and screaming. We resist the change, focus primarily on the negative differences, and give the benefits little or no consideration at all.
As a result, we spend much of our time in the new season, reminiscing about the previous season, and/or beating ourselves up for not being able to function in the two seasons at once.
Sheesh. Let go of the guilt already.
We weren't meant to live that way.
Yes, some of the previous season's benefits will become memories for the scrapbooks.
Yes, there will be things we will miss.
But, it's time for something new.
Something that could possibly be very exciting.
Point of the post?
Enjoy your season.

And brush your hair.
(My apologies for above picture.)


The Egg said…
oh my gosh, a post in your sleep!?! thats pretty freaking amazing.

xo the egg out west.

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