I've got a crush...

I've been crushing on people since I was old enough to say the word, and even though I'm now a full grown, responsible, and mature adult, I see no reason to stop. If it aint broke...
that's what I always say.
Which is why I'm here today to link up with the perfectly precious Erin over at Living in Yellow.
She's holding somewhat of a blog crush-athon. Also known as a blogger crush link up and I'm jumping in with all of my blog-lovin heart!

And why not? What a perfect way to shout out to a few of my favorites as well as meet some of yours! I couldn't be more excited, so let's get started...
So, in no particular order, but starting with the link up host herself...
because where would our lives be if it weren't for Erin and her bright sunny spot of the blogosphere?
Probably no where good if you ask me.
Ever seen a smile more contagious?
I think not.
Which is why I stop by each and every day to get my full dose of Living in Yellow. Erin's wit keeps me in stitches and her willingness to say what I'm already thinking about complete random things keeps me coming back for more. To say I love this lady and have a huge blog crush on her would be an understatement. To say I'm moving out of state to be near her would be creepy. Right? Yeah, I thought so to.

And then there's Jenni. The lovely and beautiful Jenni over at Story of My Life, who is the first blogger I ever connected with on a personal level. Jenni's gentle spirit and sweet heart had me at the About Me page and I spent several days just reading all of her posts. I was smitten with her pictures, inspired by her story, and in love with her as well as her commitment to be real in her little corner of the blog world. If you want to visit a beautiful place on the internet, Jenni is where it's at.

Of course it probably goes without saying that one of my favorite bloggers of all times is Sydney over at The Daybook. Funny. Beautiful. Inspiring. and the most adorable little momma you'll ever meet. And that baby of hers. Oh, my how the cuteness is off the charts.
But one of the coolest things? She's real. I emailed her once because I thought she might enjoy a post I had seen on another blog. It reminded me of her in her new role as mom.
Seriously. Girl emailed back. Like she doesn't get four hundred and five emails and comments a day. The fact that she took the time just blew me away. And made me love her forever.Lots and lots of love to Sydney over at The Daybook.

Please tell me you know Ruthie at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart, because if you don't, you want to, I promise. And, before you ask, no that isn't Ruthie in the above picture. That's Ernie. My dog crush. I love Ruthie too, but ERNIE? Ernie has my heart. Every chance I get I send Ruthie kisses for Ernie and I stalk her Instagram for pictures of him. But, even if it wasn't for that squishy face, I would stick around to read more about Ruthie. Her heart is gold, her joy is contagious, and her love for Jesus is inspiring.

And while there are so many crushes I could name and probably a million more I've yet to meet, I have blogs to read.
And so do you...
Now get to spreading some blog love & link up over here!!


Jennie said…
I love Erins blog!
Ruthie Hart said…
Now Ernie has a big head!! okay...I mean he had a big one physically before but he is so honored to have made your blog! Thank you so much for your kind words about me and my blog...they are so humbling!!! My goal is to spread that joy and be a light to people in the darkness of our world. Love ya sister!
Hi Christa... you are a darling, as always. Thanks for including me in your post. Love you!!!
Cortne said…
Hi Christa,
I love those girls too. I had a consult with Erin last night and she told me about your blog. Yay! So glad to have found someone similar. Just joined you :)

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