Making things right with the world again...

There is work.
There is school.
There is laundry, and dishes, and bills to pay.

And aside from all the wonderfulness of husband, kids, and favorite tv shows together over dinner,
a big part of my life is kinda stressful. Sort of busy. And a little exhausting.
Not that I'm complaining.
Life is too good and too busy to waste any time complaining.
Besides, there's one thing that always calms me down after a long day.

And spending time with my trusty Kitchen Aid.
Girl can mix.

Watching her do her thing and feeling the calm that comes over me while she hums.
She's been my baking bestie for the past eight years and we get together as often as we can.

And, let me tell you.
We're cool like that.

And when we're finished, the stress is gone and this is what's left.

And all is right with the world again.
Love her.

What makes your day perfect?


These look really delicious! I have a spot on the couch that I like to curl up in to wind down.

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