My name is Christa

It seems like there is always some post idea going around, and going viral and every blogger on every corner is jumping on board. Including me.
Except for today.
Today I don't have a clue as to what is going on in the blog world because I have been MIA all weekend and even a couple days prior. Are people even blogging anymore?
I sure hope so. Seems like I'm always the last one to know when things go out of style.
(Exit flare-leg jeans about five years too late.)
Someone tell me next time, ok?

So, today I will just do my own thing and hope that I'm not talking to myself.
Since there are always lists going around, I thought I would make one with my name.
This is me.

And this is my name...

C  - Comedian. At least I like to think so.

H - Happy. So I'm told. And all the time too. Must be true.

R - Right. Most of the time.

I - Irritatingly cheerful. (see H)

S - Shorter than I used to be. Like a whole two inches despite what my sister says. I know what I'm talking about, sis. (see R)

T - Talkative. I talk on the phone for a living and write a blog in my spare time. It's safe to say that I always have something to say.

A - Amazed at God. He's awesome.

And that's it for tonight, kiddos. Because I'm also, tired. sleepy. exhausted,  ready to go to bed, and just hoping I spelled my name right but too tired to check.
See ya'll on Wednesday....


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