on his wedding day...

What seems like both yesterday and a million years ago all rolled into one, this kid came into our lives and I have to tell you, 
he completely rocked it. 
On the day he was born, our hearts were born and they have been open for business, and vulnerable ever since; 
and what seemed like a lifetime away on that day, has now taken place.
He grew up.
Proving that time doesn't slow down just because we will it to..
or because we missed something,
or because we have moments we regret. 
With or without our approval, time will continue to tick away at it's ordained speed and we can choose to embrace it or spend our lives chasing it.
Because one day, that baby you rocked till 3 a.m because you were too afraid to lay him down, lest you break him...
will become an adult.
And he will marry the woman that God Himself chose for him.
The woman you have been praying God would send since your baby was a boy. The woman of his dreams.

And speaking of dreams, this is the stuff they are made of, my friends. 
Two people, one huge love, a family that will always be there, and a bigger-than-life God making it all possible. 
So, to the two beautiful people who walked down that aisle on Saturday and committed to forever...
We pledge to love you, bless you, pray for you, and cherish you. All the days of our lives and yours.
We couldn't be more proud.
All our love...

- Your family


Ruthie Hart said…
So precious Christa!!! Your baby boy is growing up !
Cortne said…
I have tears in my eyes. Beautiful Mama you are. My boy is 15 and this day will come sooner than I can imagine, because they grow up so fast before our eyes. I relish everyday at home that I have with him. Your words are comforting as they grow up there is still motherhood there. Loved your last paragraph. And he looked very happy and in love!

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