On self-talking convos and grilled chicken

A glimpse inside my head.
But, I feel I should warn you.
Sometimes I talk to myself.
And it would be rude not to answer.

So, my convo's have been known to go like this...
"Well, it's not like you never cook anymore,"
 I said this to myself while eating a cold piece of grilled chicken at way past midnight the other night.

And this is the part where I felt it would be rude not to answer...
Well, I practically never cook. 
And I definitely don't clean the house anymore.

"You never cleaned anyway. I fail to see the difference."
True. But now I don't even feel guilty about not cleaning.
And that makes me feel bad.

So anything good going on, Sunshine?
Or is your whole life a giant bowl of cherry pits?"

Well, now that I'm working, I don't worry about money as much as I used to...
"Always a plus. Money is good. Worry is not."  
this was said thoughtfully while finishing the rest of the chicken.

And I go shopping more often.
I just bought these brand new black and white polka dot shoes.
"Say what?? 
New shoes?
Yes, you're life is definitely not worth living.
Shutup and go to bed."

At which point I ate a banana and went to bed.
I ate two bananas.
One for each of us.

See you kids next week.
(both of us)


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