the hit and run post

I have to say this.
The fact that I'm writing at all this week is a testament to my commitment to blogging and/or my level of insanity.
This week I am helping finalize my oldest child's wedding, baking 150 of my special Vanilla Bean cupcakes for the special occasion, working an extra day to try and help pay for the cost of said special occasion, and making a general stab in the dark at my homework.
Oh, and finishing the wedding present I'm making for the happy couple.
As I said before.
I'm either committed.
Or I should be.

So, would it be too terribly hateful of me to hit and run on this deal tonight?
I'm pretty sure my other three children are still speaking to me, (even though I am technically MIA until Sunday), and I was thinking maybe I could persuade them to snug with me in front of the tv for some Frasier and hot cocoa.

I'm going to assume you said,
Run with the idea of  'better late than never family time'...
all is well and all will be well when you get back."

And with that I leave you with a few pictures of my so-called-life..
The pickles I crave.
The job I love.
And the new glasses that make me feel intelligent even while wearing puppy dog pajamas.

Big ((hugs)) for understanding.
And for forgiving the poor quality of pictures.

Till Friday-


Cortne said…
Love your new blog design! You are so adorable. And yes, you do look intelligent in your new glasses and puppy dog pj's. Good luck with the wedding and have fun while doing it!

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