this is not a post about how wonderful i am. please read to the END.

I recently had the opportunity to hear one of the owner's of a local restaurant give a speech. For all the success this man has, and how extremely busy his life must be, he astounded me with how he still takes the time to care about each customer as an individual, acknowledging that each customer is another person with a real life story.
It is likely that this is why his restaurant is so successful.

And so I try to remember this.
I remember it when I am at work and a less than friendly person calls in to share their bad day with me.
I remember it when it seems like a co-worker is having an off moment and could use a cheerful word.
Or candy.

I remember it when a friend needs a listening ear.
The cashier needs a laugh.
Or the new neighbor could use a pan of brownies.

But for whatever reason, none of this is challenging to me.
Being around people, encouraging them, loving on them, and lifting them up is mostly effortless.
I contribute this to how amazing God is with people and, seeing that I'm one of His kids, I guess I inherited a small portion of that nature?
We all look like Him in one way or another.

And there is a big-A**  however.
By the way, thank you for sticking around long enough to realize that this isn't a post about my many wonderful and charming qualities.
Quite the contrary.

Because for all of the ease with which I am able to love strangers, friends, co-workers and cashiers, I sometimes have to remind myself to share that same gift with those who may need it most.
My family.
Those who have been given to me to love, cherish, and support.
Those who, if they don't receive it from me, will have to look outside of the arms of family for what should be provided within.

Please do not misunderstand me. It is more an issue of taking those "comfort zone people" for granted than it is anything else.  And I am not saying that I am Glinda the Good out in the world and then Elphaba the Wicked at home, because it isn't like that either.

I'm just saying this.
If those who barely know you compliment you...
Would those who truly know you agree?
That's all I'm saying.

Have a fabulous weekend and I'll see you Monday!


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