True Love & The Bachelor

Anyone else watch the Bachelor?
Of course people watch it. I'm just curious as to how many of you watch it.
Seems like not very many of my friends keep up with it the way I do.
Each and every season I tell myself that I'm through watching it and that I won't watch another one.
I remind myself that while it's entertaining and romantic, it isn't a true depiction of the sort of love that has stood the test of time and it often just stirs up frustration for those of us who have been married forever and feel like we've "lost that lovin' feelin".
And please don't misunderstand me. It would be a complete and total lie if I said I didn't love my husband. Because I absolutely do love him. I also love the fact that he & I are best friends and that we get to spend our lives together. He's perfect for me and I believe I'm perfect for him too.

And this is why I'm torn.
Shows like the Bachelor. Or any show-slash-movie-slash-novel that plays up the romance without showing the long term, real life stuff causes me to think about what I have, what I desire, and what is most important in life.

It's not that I want to trade in the model I have and start over.
It's not that I regret the model I chose.
It's that the romance, the beauty, and the adventure are a pull on me. Always have been.
Maybe because I'm a female? Or because I'm a romantic? Or because I have some unresolved issues that would require long, drawn out, expensive counseling sessions?
Probably all of the above.

I just don't think we can ignore the fact that while there are exceptions to every rule, it's generally women that tune in to watch these shows, buy these best-sellers, and go see these movies.
This romance stuff was written for us, ladies. Whether we realize it or not.

And the bottom line is this...
It started with Him.
No, not Sean. or Brad. or even our significant others.
The one true love of all of us.
Some of you may not believe this either. And that makes my heart break for you, but it isn't the point of this post.

I believe that God himself put these desires for beauty, romance and adventure inside of us.
I believe it was His idea.
I believe He is a romantic and that He understands the female heart.
And while He may not give two hoots about whether we watch the Bachelor.
Or read romance novels, or watch chick flicks for that matter.
I believe that He understands the "why" of what we do, and what we long for...
 and I believe He wants to help us satisfy the desires He placed inside of us.

So, when I'm praying for my marriage, I ask Him to show me the way He sees it.
The way He sees my husband.
The way He sees me.
I want to experience the love, the romance, the adventure, all of it;
but I also know that while I was made in God's image and have the ability to love,
it is only through a real one-to-one relationship with Him that I will find the ability to love myself and others to the fullest capacity.
And that the adventure and the romance will then automatically fall into place.

Just a thought...


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