Work, randomness, and Chucky.

I wrote this on Sunday night, but if you are reading it on Monday morning, do me a favor and pretend it's Sunday night?

Tomorrow I get to do this all day long.

No, not drink coffee. However, I will be drinking a considerable amount of Chai Tea.
Guess again. The phone is a hint.
Alright, I'll spill. Tomorrow begins another week at the best job in the world.
Seriously, each day while I'm driving into work, I thank God for considering me for this position. I enjoy the people I work with, I believe in the values of the company, and I get like really abnormally excited about customer service. As a matter of fact, it's the difficult calls that I often enjoy the most. Get 'em to hang up happy, that's my goal. And it's not just because I love helping people, although that is a big part of it.  I think it has a lot to do with the thrill of the challenge. The impossible situation overcome. The crisis averted. Society is safe again. Women and children need no longer fear.
I'm a superhero disguised as a CSR. Minus the cape. Except for that one time.

And on a completely random note, if you want to make me blissfully happy
 take me out for chips, salsa, and queso.
Even a superhero has to have a lunch break. And this sort of thing will do very nicely.

Or take me flea marketing and let me buy random trinkets of wonderfulness like this.

The cake server held a Luscious Lemon Cake tonight for a big family dinner, and the tea cup sat on the hutch shelf and watched. Actually, that's the problem with it. I haven't drank out of it yet because I'm a little creeped out by it. What is it winking at anyway? And I'm not sure I want it staring at my bottom lip while I take a drink.
But I had to buy it even though it scares me and looks like the Disney version of Chucky.
For now it's staying on the hutch shelf in the dining room.
And my bedroom door is locked.

Which reminds me, normal people are in bed and I probably should be too.
With one eye open and a baseball bat under my pillow.

Nitey-nite. Be safe!


Cortne said…
Christa, your comment about women and children need no longer fear reminded me of Antoine Dodson from youtube, hide yo kids, hide yo funny! And personally, that wink cup can't hold enough liquid for me, but you can't help but love the power of suggestion-yum.
Your so funny.

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