I DECLARE...it's a Link Up!

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This is gonna be simple, kids.
Remember the Link Up we talked about on Friday?
The one that is the very first ever link up that Cortne and I have ever hosted??
Yes, that one. And to say that we were both a little nervous would be an understatement.
As a matter of fact, we might have even submitted the entire bloody thing upside down once or twice. True story.

So here we go.... It's as simple as this.
Start your Tuesday off right and take the opportunity to DECLARE a good thing or two about you and yours.
For example...

I DECLARE That I will let husband do all of the cooking from now on.
Husband is an amazing cook.

But I will do all of the baking.
Equally amazing over here.

I DECLARE that I will never let this one too far out of my sight.
Pretty little thing she is.
And my favorite friend.

And I DECLARE that I will eat more fruits and veggies.
Does salsa count?

And in case, it seems like this post is really just an excuse for me to talk about food, allow me to say this.

I DECLARE that I will reach out more.
Make new friends.
Try new things.
Live life.
Love people.
Love my Savior.

And. that's about it.
One last thing.
I DECLARE that it would freakin make. our. day if you bloody-well link up with us.

Might even be so overwhelmed with overall happiness and blogger self-assurance that we decide to do a really sweet giveaway. and soon.
Just a thought.
But not a bad one at that.

Link up below!!
And don't forget to do the following:

Follow your two blog hosts.

Share about this link up on Twitter and Facebook.
Join the party,
and meet other amazing people making positive declarations on a Tuesday of all days.



Cortne said…
You rock! I love your declarations. I knew I would enjoy reading your post today.

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