It's OK...

It's Thursday, and you know what that means!
Yeah, neither do I.
So instead of making this difficult, let's just link up with Amber, at Brunch with Amber, for some
"It's OK Thursdays"

Its Ok Thursdays

In other words, as far as I'm concerned....

It's OK that my curling iron broke this morning. The ol' girl had given me 10 good years, and had been begging to be put down for quite some time.

It's OK to wear your hair in a ponytail to work after the age of thirty-something. Besides, it was either that, or look like Medusa. and that isn't OK at any age.

It's OK to drink Coke Zero and Iced coffee at the same time. I believe in options.

It's OK to hit the bathroom 12 times in one afternoon. Besides the "gotta go" dance just isn't pretty on anyone. Especially at thirty-something.

It's OK to bust a gut laughing on the phone with a customer, especially when they started it and are laughing right along with you. Have I mentioned that I freakin love what I do and I love my customers?

It's OK to have a house that is completely destroyed right now because it means there will be a brand new dining area in a few weeks. months. someday.

It's OK to wear black twice in one week. Slimming doesn't happen on it's own after four kids and too much Easter candy.

It's OK to come home to a messy house. Alright, so I'm still dealing with that one.

It's OK that today someone told me I look like my car the way some people look like their dogs. I'm going to take it as a compliment because my car is pretty freakin adorable. But then so is my dog.

It's OK to post late today because I'm guessing that a whole slew of people don't even read blogs till after work anyway. Someone tell me I'm right??

It's OK to tell you that there is a surprise announcement tomorrow. Nope. Can't have babies anymore. This aint that kinda blog anyway.

And, that's about it, kiddos!
I'm off to link this post up with the lovely Amber, and then start meeting some new bloggy friends.

See y'all tomorrow.



Cortne said…
Love your it's ok's. And, yes, it's ok to wear your hair in a pony-tail after thirtysomething. I do it everyday! And the tighter I pull it, the younger I look!
I hope it is ok to post late,seeing that I do it often (when I do) I also tend to read then a day or two behind depending on how crazy my week is. So don't worry I'll always read your post whenever it pops up in my feed.

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