looking through the lens....

This was the weekend that I realized how much I enjoy photography.
Photography is a hobby I began over a year ago for three reasons.

1) I have always loved taking photos. 

2) I wanted a way to possibly earn some side cash.

3) All of the really cool bloggers were doing it.

The third reason is what really sold me.
So we bought a pretty decent camera, some basic lenses, a couple photography books, and a really cool camera strap.
And I began snapping pictures of everything in my pathway. 
Until I grew tired and frustrated with my lack of knowledge, tucked my brand new hobby away on the shelf, and wondered if there was any other reason I could find for wearing my really sweet camera strap.

Over the course of the last few months, however, while my hobby has rested patiently on the shelf, I have tried my hand at a couple Photoshop classes, thinking that perhaps Photoshop would reignite my passion for looking through the lens.
But alas.
The only thing I found more frustrating than telling people how to tilt their chin, was using Photoshop to try and make it look like they had properly tilted their chin.
It wasn't the hobby. It was the fact that I hated being a newbie, clueless, someone with a bag full of tricks and tools that I knew nothing about.
The learning curve was overwhelming me and shutting me down.
Annnnnd the hobby remained on the shelf.

Except of course, when I would have occasional bursts of remorse, regret, and guilt, 
at which time I would gather my supplies and snap a few shots of something I found interesting, or the horses out at the barn.

But seasons change, don't they?
Gradually. And I stress that word.
As a matter of fact, I would completely write it in caps, but then you would think I was shouting at you and that would be rude.

gradually I became more comfortable with Photoshop.
And gradually I found myself wishing I had more to edit than my old supply of photos.
And gradually I began to pick up the camera and look through the lens.
And this is what I saw.

Life is a beautiful journey in which we will find out many things about who we are and the "why" of God's plan for us.
But, the first thing we have to remember is that because it is a journey, it will take time.
Journeys can be full of knowledge, surprises, challenges, and victories, but they rarely happen overnight.
The learning.
The ability.
The talents.
The understanding.
All of it.
and sometimes even our passions, often come from experiencing the journey.
Trying it from different angles. Seeing it with different lighting.
Gathering new lenses.
But certainly, the more time we invest, the more we will find that we can not only see the finer details, but we can also appreciate them more.
The challenges presented aren't quite as daunting, and the victories perhaps slightly more attainable?
And since few things worth having are easily obtained...
It makes me wonder...
Do we often give up too soon?
Because we thought we would enjoy each and every moment of the journey, and if we can't, we think it isn't meant to be?
How much are we missing out on with this type of thinking?

Because when I took the time to learn a thing or two.
Got a few workable tools in my belt.
And a few tricks up my sleeve.
I became a little more relaxed.
And when I relaxed, I had fun.

Just look at what I saw this weekend when I looked through the lens...

Isn't she lovely?
The camera is officially off the shelf.

Super Sunday Sync


Cortne said…
She is beautiful! All I can say is lips and hair...loooove!

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