Post-It-Notes from God

So today I woke up with a heavy heart over the thing that I am facing right now.
It isn't depression this time. It is something that I don't often face, but when I do, it threatens to freakin disable me.
And as I passed the amazing Word of God, laying on my desk, I felt that tug on my heart that reminds me that I need to go there even when I don't want to,
And today I didn't want to because it seems that my entire existence is threatening to be disabled by this thing.
So I ignored my lack of desire to read the Bible and picked it up anyway.

I read John 8:31-32.
And that little light bulb in my brain popped on.
There is an answer to this problem I'm facing??
Apparently so, and while I've read this passage a million times before, it hit me in a new way today.
It flooded over me like a tidal wave of refreshment.

And it's not like the voice of God spoke from the heavens with a booming voice.
Or a British accent.
Because, whytheheck do they always give Him a British accent in the movies, anyway???
Sorry. neither here nor there.
But, it was seriously like He was summing it all up for me when the little brain bulb popped on...

"Have a problem, Christa?
I have an answer.
In fact, I know exactly how to help you be free of this issue.
There is hope. There is peace. There is a cure.
It is found in my Word, and it'll bloody set you free."
I tend to think that God talks like me sometimes.

Point of the post:
what struck me most about this passage of Scripture is that you don't tell free people how to find freedom.
You tell those who are bound.
In other words, He knows what I'm dealing with, and He isn't even mad about it.
He knows the extent of it, and how deep go the roots.
And He has a plan.
Because a very long time ago, the love of my eternal existence, my Jesus, looked into the future, saw that I would be bound with this very thing, and He wrote a prescription.


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