I Do...

The wheel broke off of my carry-on while trekking through DFW last week.
It broke right after I had secured myself what would later be known as the world's stalest scone in Starbucks history, but that is neither here nor there.
I simply tucked the broken wheel inside the carry-on, gathered my macchiato and my stale scone, and hoofed it over to the waiting  area where I would wait for my connecting flight.
The one after the one I had missed.
The one on the other side of the gi-normous airport.

But this post isn't about my broken wheel, my stale scone, or my missed flight.
This post is about this man.

And when he picked me up at the Orlando airport, it was like I had finally come home.
Basically, I had just spent four days without him and even the smallest things seem huge when you are suddenly a party of one.
My heart goes out big time to all those parents doing battle alone.
May God be with you in a mighty way.

As I was saying, my better half and the light of my life picked me up at the Orlando airport, saving the day once again.
Because while I was on the complete wrong side of the airport, waiting for my luggage which would never arrive on that side of the airport anyway,
the better half was on the correct side of the airport, gathering my forlorn-looking luggage and putting out a search party for me.
Needless to say, he figured out where I was and told me to stay put until he and my slightly offended luggage could reach me.
To say I was relieved to see him would be an understatement of all understatements.

And while relief is a wonderful feeling, it paled in comparison to what happened next.
After settling me into the beautiful resort he had secured,
this husband of 16 years,
this amazing man,
finder of luggage,
one who makes all things better,
my home...

took me to a beautiful dinner at Citrico's in the Grand Floridian, walked me down to the resort beach which is located directly in sight of the Magic Kingdom castle,
and while the fireworks were going off over our heads,
renewed his vows to me with the help of a kind minister.

It was just the three of us on that beach.
Water lapping at our feet.
"Will you take her for another 16?"
"No. I want more than 16."
And I cried.

Dear, God.
Thank you for this man.
I love you.
And I love him.


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