It isn't a Link Up, a Challenge, or a Disney Post...

Today is the day that I promised to write about the romantic Disney vacay the hubs and I took last week.
It is also the day that I planned to link up with the oh-so-lovely Jenni over at Story of My Life. She's doing this Blog Every Day in May challenge and today is Day # 1. Obviously.

So I'm torn.
Romantic Disney vacay with some pretty fabulous palm tree photos and a story about the sweetest most romantic man on earth?


Story of My Life in 250 words or less? Day #1 of the Every Day in May challenge?

So I'm opting out of both and going for something completely different today.
Partly because I know sweet Jenni will understand, given what today means to me.
And partly because I've only edited somewhere in the neighborhood of none of the fabulous palm tree photos.

Tomorrow I will try to write Day #1 and Day #2 of the Every Day in May challenge and this weekend I will do my utmost to edit the palm tree photos.

But for today...

Three years ago today we lost this man.

And our hearts broke into the million little pieces that we are still picking up.

Words will never, ever  EVER be enough to explain the depth of love we have for this man.
Or how much we will always miss him.
His love for our mother was beautiful.
His acceptance of her children was gracious and overwhelming
and his passionately strong work ethic was inspiring.
Not to mention his joy. His joy was contagious.
We loved you Odell.
We loved you with all of our hearts.
And we always will.


His Girl said…
Oh, Christy!! Thank you, sweet daughter, for honoring this wonderfully amazing man...the love of my life who will forever be in this girl's heart.

I will always love you and miss you, my sweet Odell!!! You were my darling and my best friend! I look forward to our day of reuniting in eternity where there will be no more goodbyes!

Christy, he thought the world of you!
Thank you for this special and so deserved remembrance.

Eva Taylor said…
I just had to scroll after your most recent post, and now I'm crying! Such beautiful pictures to show how much he loved and was loved. So worth waiting to post about the palm trees and the story of your life (although I would like to read that one soon!) Also...I really enjoyed your 13 tips on parenting!
Eva @ Snappee Turtle

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